Wednesday, 9 April 2008

I last posted when???

Oh dear. How time flies. It's nearly 3 weeks since my last post. The NEC was good but after previous visits I've felt a bit disappointed and this trip was no different. I want to see something new, different & exciting but I didn't see it and I hope to get a good bargain but didn't really see any.
I bought a small Penny Black stamp (lurrve those stamps) but, gorgeous as they are, I think they are very expensive. I also bought an unmounted stamp from Little Claire who's images are just lovely and considerably less expensive than PBs. I bought the new rock-a-blocks from Crafters Companion and must confess to being a fan despite the price. Combined with my other new best friend, Stayzon, the image is fantastic. Apart from that, I saw some lovely products but wasn't prepared to pay the price. My mum and sis had lovely day and we took my 10 year old daughter too.

A word of warning to all future visitors: we had lunch in the restaurant. On checking the receipt, they had charged me £1.75 for my daughter's Muller fruit corner yogurt. Believing I had been charged wrong, we took it back to be checked but it turns out it was correct! I couldn't believe it. £1.75 for a yogurt that would cost 45p in the most expensive of supermarkets. Suffice it to say I won't be eating at the NEC restaurants again and will take my own packed lunch. For the same price I can get a decent lunch from M&S and still have change. (yeah, I know, loads of you are saying "could have told you that Jo") lesson learned.

Friday, 14 March 2008

Looking forward to tomorrow!

Today is my mum's birthday and my sis & I are taking her to Hobbycrafts & Stitching show at the NEC tomorrow as part of her birthday present. Mum is a card maker & stitcher so there's plenty there for her. We're planning to get there as the doors open cos we figure it will be really busy. I need to make a list of "must haves" including PB stamps, Cuttlebug folders/dies & glitter chalk. I am taking cash only because that way there is only so much to spend isn't there?? I'll report back about my adventure after tomorrow!

Thursday, 6 March 2008


Went to the solictors this afternoon to sign the probate forms for dad's estate, then went to mum for tea - I usually go to mum on a Thursday. Tomorrow is busy busy busy. Work in the morning, then afternoon off. Complete my prep for Saturday, collect the little chap from school, see the eldest off to grandmas for the the night. Then off for a hair trim after dropping youngest off at club, home, tea prep, collect youngest, eat tea, drop middle one off at club, finish prep, tidy up, collect middle one from club, pack bags for Saturday. flake. Hubby off to our caravan for the weekend to open it up after the winter break.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008


Hard day at the office today - so many queries don't know which way to turn. I'm also trying to get a hit counter on here plus a slide photo show but the technology is defeating me so far.... Off to church tonight for WoW (Worship on Wednesday) a modern alternative service to the very traditional service on Sundays.

I've got a demo at Reams in Derby on Saturday which I'm looking forward to but need to do some prep. I'm signing probate documents tomorrow afternoon then to mum's for tea. I've got Friday afternoon off so I can collect the little chap from school because Paul is going to van this weekend to open it up.

Ah well, must fly

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Hubby has gone out tonight leaving me to referee the children and prep for my demo on Saturday. Oh, and Man U happen to be playing tonight. I love a good game of footie and my heart lies with Manchester City but my youngest lives in a world that contains football, Manchester United & Cristiano Ronaldo and I know I'll get the 4th degree in the morning before he watches the recording - best pay attention then!.

I may get to upload my cards later tonight if I can drag myself away from Hotel Babylon.

Finally done it!

Well I've finally gone and done it - set up my blog. I've been meaning to do it for ages but I was spurred on by my fellow crafters who were setting up theirs.

I'll try to keep it maintained but with a full time job, 3 children & a part time hobby job I'm not sure hoe realistic that is!