Wednesday, 9 April 2008

I last posted when???

Oh dear. How time flies. It's nearly 3 weeks since my last post. The NEC was good but after previous visits I've felt a bit disappointed and this trip was no different. I want to see something new, different & exciting but I didn't see it and I hope to get a good bargain but didn't really see any.
I bought a small Penny Black stamp (lurrve those stamps) but, gorgeous as they are, I think they are very expensive. I also bought an unmounted stamp from Little Claire who's images are just lovely and considerably less expensive than PBs. I bought the new rock-a-blocks from Crafters Companion and must confess to being a fan despite the price. Combined with my other new best friend, Stayzon, the image is fantastic. Apart from that, I saw some lovely products but wasn't prepared to pay the price. My mum and sis had lovely day and we took my 10 year old daughter too.

A word of warning to all future visitors: we had lunch in the restaurant. On checking the receipt, they had charged me £1.75 for my daughter's Muller fruit corner yogurt. Believing I had been charged wrong, we took it back to be checked but it turns out it was correct! I couldn't believe it. £1.75 for a yogurt that would cost 45p in the most expensive of supermarkets. Suffice it to say I won't be eating at the NEC restaurants again and will take my own packed lunch. For the same price I can get a decent lunch from M&S and still have change. (yeah, I know, loads of you are saying "could have told you that Jo") lesson learned.