Monday, 6 April 2009

My final card for today is a never ending card. This is a fabulous card that has the potential to drive people nuts! It just goes on and on as you fold it open again and again. It looks really hard to make but is really easy. All you need is two pieces of 6" x 6" card. Cut each piece in half giving you 4 pieces of 3" x 6". Score a central line on each piece vertically and then horizontally from both ends of each piece at 1.5". Lay two pieces together with the join vertical. The other two pieces lay on top with the join horizontal. Glue the 4 corners. Job done.
Two things to remember: the measurements and the gluing of the corners must be accurate. Finally, if your card "catches" as you open it, find where it catches and simply shave a bit off.

If you make one yourself, please do leave a mssg with a link or your blog addy so I can go take a look!

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